If this kangaroo can do it, so can I!

ImageIt’s only been a couple of days, but I am getting down about this bed rest business. It’s hard, man. Pre bed rest I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to watch tv, surf the web and nap as much as I wanted. Oh and not having to exercise, that was a pretty nice perk too. Oh how wrong I was. Turns out there is a limit to all those things and I actually miss getting on the stationary bike. Before, the highlights of my week were things like going out to eat, monday night trivia at the local cafe, or maybe catching a movie or live sporting event like hockey or baseball. Now I look forward to hitting the refresh button on pinterest. Facebook updates are like gold and using the bathroom is an exciting destination. Sometimes I pass the time by simply staring off into space.

Thank goodness I have an amazing husband and mother in law. They have been doing great taking care of me. I only wish I could be as chipper as they are. When I look like I just woke up all day long, it’s hard to be sunny. Things could be worse though. And who knows, maybe this here blog will take off and I’ll be set for life with the advertising revenue! There I go daydreaming again. 🙂


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