Inspiration from bed rest


Hello, hello and welcome! For my first post, a little introduction: I’m a soon to be first time mom (recently benched on bed rest) with a wonderfully helpful husband and two kitties. We all live in a cozy house in a small city in upstate NY that most people haven’t heard of. I am a certified elementary teacher (see: substitute teacher). My husband and I are very active and full of life so this bed rest is kind of a nightmare for me. So what does one do when one can’t do anything?: blog!

So what is my blog going to be about? Based on the five minutes of research I put into starting one, the ‘experts’ recommend writing about something you’re passionate about and very interested in. Since I’m currently putting all of my energy (ha, bed rest!) into baking a human and starting my family, I figured this was an excellent topic. I plan to share with those willing to read any funny anecdotes, tips that I pick up, ideas to bat around and any other pertinent family raising discussions. I’ve never been very good at committing to this type of thing, but maybe the silver lining of bed rest will bring out the patient, committed side of me.


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