Day 4 of captivity


Last night I was pretty miserable. After a long day of tossing and turning I just couldn’t get comfortable. Of course, I whined about it all to my sweetie. He took it in stride and ordered us pizza.  That sure turned my frown upside down. I got to thinking how great he’s been with all of this: doing dishes, grocery shopping, making dinner, laundry. I wanted to do something nice for him. But what? Marooned on the couch left me with few options. Well, he’s a huge hockey fan and insists that whether we have a boy or girl (we’re the weirdos who decided not to find out) they’re playing hockey. So to go along with it, I ordered an adorable sign that says “Born to play hockey” and a children’s hockey story that he can read to our little one.

So hunting for the perfect gift was a nice little ‘adventure’ in my day. I’ve also signed up for online surveys on several (research proved legitimate) websites. I thought this might occupy some time and make a few dollars. I quickly learned, however, it’s not my opinion they’re looking for. Apparently, married, white, 20’s female with minimal consumer tendencies doesn’t strike their fancy. I can’t tell you how many I’ve started only for them to say ten questions in that I’m not right for that survey. I knew I wasn’t gonna get rich but at least listen to my opinion, man.

Another thing I’ve been doing is reading, “What to Expect the First Year”. That is quite a tome my friends, over 800 pages! As I flip through the pages, I find myself asking, “what did I get myself into?”. There is so much info out there my head is swimming. I just try to tell myself that people have been doing this forever and if they can do it, I can do it!

I’ll leave you with:

Things I’ve learned since yesterday:

Pinterest is making me fat – how many decadent desserts do my friends have to pin??

My cats have been on day bedrest this whole time

I really like the BBC’s Sherlock series….so sad it’s only 6 episodes


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