Getting ready for baby


There was a whole slew of things I “needed” to do before baby Jones arrives. Bed rest put a lot of it on hold. So I’ve been making lists, tons of lists for my poor husband to get working on. I still don’t even have a hospital bag packed! From my spot on the couch I can merely assign jobs for those willing to help a momma out. It’s funny how I thought I had all the time in the world to get things done. We are planning on purchasing a new car since my 2 door coup isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Now I won’t get to drive it until our little one arrives. I had a sort of ‘hell hole’ room I wanted to organize. I wanted to give the house a thorough cleaning (can’t say I’m sad about not getting to do this). Maybe we should hire a house keeper for a day…hmmm? 

In times like these I often use a quote from a famous story, “best laid plans of mice and men.” Truthfully, I was never going to be completely ready. There will always be dirty dishes and laundry. The hell hole room will be a nice escape when my husband is home and can watch the bambino/a. I’ll enjoy the new ride more without a giant baby bump in the way. It’ll all work out in the end. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself!


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