Green Thumb Blues


Since I’ve been rendered less mobile these days, some things have been neglected. Namely, my yard. It is torture to be home all day, see the sun shining and things struggling to grow amidst the brown, decayed plant life from last year. Now I’m no green thumb by any means and I usually end up doing the bare minimum with plants. My philosophy is that if it’s outside, mother nature can take care of the water and the sunshine. This has served me fairly well, and I’ve been able to cultivate plenty of mini tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I also only ‘care’ for plants that are going to give me something in return like veggies.

This is the time of year however, when I would almost take on the role of gardener. Before everything becomes over grown with gross weeds, I get out there and clean it all up. This year I was considering pulling out these lovely snap dragons along the house and just laying down covering and rocks. I’m a minimalist but I want it to look nice and I figured I wouldn’t have the time to keep them looking good. They grow so big and crazy so fast. I’d ask my mother-in-law to help but she’s done so much already and she has two yards to keep up herself (really 2 and a half when you count her mother’s next door). They have a cottage on a lake upstate that she works hard making beautiful curb appeal. My husband managed to clean up some of the yard but he’s had to put his energies into the baby’s room, especially since there’s a chance little Jonesy might make an early debut. So I did a little googling to find some low maintenance ideas if someone is willing to help a momma out or for when I get back on my feet. I came across this great site that has exactly 5,422 low maintenance ideas. Check it out: Sounds like there’s something in here for everyone.

Here are some that would work for my small yard –

… too much concrete for little ones?


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