Waiting Game


I’m due on June 2nd, which my phone app reminds me is 3 days away (if you don’t count today and go to midnight on June 2nd). I can’t believe it’s so close. I also can’t believe I made it this far. A mere month ago I was told to take it very easy, stop working and lay down a lot for fear the baby would come early. And yet, here I am. So I’ve been playing the waiting game, which I’ve learned many mom’s to be have done since the dawn of time. And it turns out, like me, these moms are impatient too and have come up with numerous tricks, tips and strategies to end the waiting game. I’ve heard it all at this point, from the internet to friends and family sharing their ideas. It seems each trick comes with the caveat that in the end your baby will come when he/she is ready and there is no guarantee that you can actually speed things along. 

Here is a list of some of the wierdest things I’ve heard:

Rubbing the soft part of your ankle

Burning sage and walking over it so the smoke enters your uterus

Galloping like a horse (no joke!)

Jumping Jacks

Eat blackberry waffles while doing the chicken dance naked in a pool (hmmm…maybe they were being sarcastic!)

Well, when things finally do start happening I will be so excited. Not long ago I was nervous about giving birth. Well now I have wholeheartedly embraced the concept. I am eager to feel real pain because I know it’ll mean I’m that much closer to meeting my little Jonesy. Also I am definitely looking forward to ditching this giant stomach and heading down the road to recovery and my original shape or something that closely resembles it. 




In 10 days, I will hit my due date head on. I’m hoping that maybe baby Jones will come even sooner. I am so excited and ready to have my body back! This weekend would be ideal since my husband has Friday and Monday off for the holiday, so we’ll see.

Either way though, this should be a great weekend, Either we’ll have a newborn OR we’ll be up at the lake using our new room in the cottage. My husbands family owns a cottage with 2 bedrooms, which wasn’t so bad when we didn’t have kids on the way. His parents had a room and his sister and her husband had the other. We used the fold out couch when we were all there. Ever since we announced we were adding to our family, construction began on a new room for his parents and we’re getting the one they had. It’ll be nice to have our place for stuff. We spend a lot of our summer up there every year and a room of our own will make it much better! I can’t wait to introduce little Jonesy to the lake, sunshine, boating, etc. He/ she doesn’t know it yet but they’ll be water skiing, kayaking, volleyballing, hiking, swimming, and biking before long. I can’t wait to make good on our promise to stay active even with a new baby. 

We are crazy but in a good way. We plan to take our newborn (most likely just shy of a month old) on a road trip to Florida. My friend is getting married there. We have well spaced friends to stay with along the way and we plan to take our time and not be too concerned about timing. I think if we have that mindset we’ll be all right. If that’s not enough we also plan to take the little tyke TENT camping in the Adirondacks a month later for a whole week. Are we insane? Probably. We’ve done this before and my husband’s family are pro-campers with all the necessary equipment. My biggest concern is distrubing others at night. I figure if the baby gets too loud at night I’ll just hop in the van with him/her and hopefully that won’t bother other campers. 

Maybe this is a bit much. Maybe it’ll be hard. Maybe there will be unforeseen hurdles. But I’d rather do it than regret that we didn’t. I don’t doubt there will be challenges and unforeseen hurdles right in our backyard anyways. 

Here’s a look at some pre-baby fun:


A tandem bicycle tour from our house in New York to Kentucky via Canada! Tented it and everything!


We do everything together, even cliff jumping off the ‘end of the world’ on the Big Island in Hawai’i!



Jones Family Ski

ImageGlad I got this out of my system before becomming a mama #skydiving



Water skiing in our wedding gear!



Grown Up Clothes that AREN’T frumpy

Since I’ve been cast in a new role: Mom, I’m gonna need a costume change. I realized this when I brought out my summer clothes the other day. I still had a few pairs of shorts that I had been ‘rockin’ since my first year of college (about 10 years ago!). An upgrade is definitely in order. Not only are these shorts too short for a Mom, they’re certainly not going to fit this summer with my very recent post baby bod. So it’s as good a time as any to revamp the wardrobe. Of course, I do want to feel good about myself and confident in my new Mom gear. So I want to avoid the frumpy, shapeless styles out there. I checked out amazon (my go to for pretty much everything) and came up with some outfits that I feel completely embody my new Mom vision:

Summer BBQ

blog pics1

Spring Teacher Outfit

blog pics

Perfect post baby swim suit!

swim suit

Food: How To Share It with My Family and Prevent Picky Eaters!


Being large and in charge, my main goal lately has been food. At 9 months pregnant, I have a voracious appetite, needless to say. I’ve been trying to stay away from simple carbs and sugar so that this wee one fits through the exit okay. It’s been a struggle. Turns out, sugar is in practically everything. In a previous post, I jotted down some great meal options that have gotten me through.

Well today I made an AMAZING smoothie. Simple ingredients but oh so delicious. I blended a banana, cinnamon almonds, all natural peanut butter, milk and a couple of butterscotch chips (I know, I know) and it was phenomenal. I often make similar smoothies with yogurt as well. I think this one tasted so great because I put in more peanut butter and less milk. It was such a tasty treat that I felt compelled to blog about it! 

On a similar note, I’ve been thinking ahead to the future when our little one is joining us a the dinner table. I’m expecting some challenges beyond the typical picky eater. You see, my husband is also a picky eater. Me? I’ll eat anything and I’ll try anything and I love practically everything. Of course, it wasn’t always this way. I had my moments as a kid, too. It was when I was in college and got a job at a fancy seafood place that I first really tried and liked seafood. Oh and my school was in NYC which really opened up my world to tasty and exotic foods. My husband has always been picky and college expanded his food horizon as well. But he was so particular before that the new things he learned to like (ex: strawberries) seem hardly worth mentioning.

Fortunately my husband agrees that our child should try stuff and doesn’t wish his pickiness on him/her. So he’s said that he’ll at least try anything I make for dinner. Can’t wait to see this in practice. I’ve of course, googled this topic and came across some great things to keep in mind and ways to introduce new foods. 

Picky eater prevention:

– Introduce one new food at a time and serve it with other familiar, enjoyable foods

– Insist on a taste of the new item but nothing more

– Limit sweets. The more they get a craving the harder it is to keep them on the healthy track. (I feel like this applies to Mom and Dad as well)

– When appropriate allow children to help cook the meal or choose ingredients

– Re-try foods. Explain to children that taste buds change and different ingredients can alter flavors. It’s important to keep trying a food several times before writing it off forever

– Set a good example: children watch and mimic what you do. Finish your plate, make meal time enjoyable and relaxing



Nesting with Impatience


At 37 weeks I am ready to do this thing! There was a time a month or so ago when I was nervous, hesitant and a little bit frightened about giving birth. Somehow that’s all gone out the window. I can not wait to start feeling some real pain and to hold my little one in my arms. Since my doctor has given me the go ahead to get back into my regular activities I have not held back. Today I subbed in the morning, vacuumed out the car we are selling, worked on cleaning out the attic, and did the dishes. I’m feeling great and I’m wondering: is this that burst of nesting energy that signals the impending birthday of my wee one? Supposedly it’s a real thing that happens a lot. Though, I’m not sure if it might just be my eagerness to move things forward that’s brought it on. Supply-wise, I am ready for this baby. I realize there are a lot of little projects I wish would be finished before little Jonesy’s arrival but probably aren’t going to get done anytime soon.

I also feel this urge to purge. There are a few big items that we’ve been hanging onto that I think need to go: a giant old desk we found on the side of the road with intention of refinishing, an old box spring, a gaudy headboard, and other odds and ends. It seems everywhere I look, I’m thinking do we really need that. Apparently I’m picturing this baby quickly stocking up on things and furniture that we need to make room for. It hasn’t even entered this world yet and it already has several pieces of solid equipment and tons of clothes, toys and gadgets. I just want to make sure I have a place for everything so I don’t get overwhelmed.

My impatience has also led me on a Google frenzy. I’m constantly searching stuff to see if it means I’m going to deliver soon. Of course, it seems to be this wildly unpredictable event that despite tons of signs you’re ready can leave you waiting beyond your due date or the exact opposite. I’ll take this time learn a lesson about patience which I’m sure I’ll need in this new chapter of my life.

Twitter and Facebook and Youtube…OH MY!

blog collage

So now that I’m finishing up the process of bringing a new life into the world it’s got me thinking about parenting in the 21st century. I’ve been reflecting on how much happened when I was growing up and what my parents had to deal with. It leaves me only imagining what is going to come my way. I always felt so deprived growing up because I didn’t have a TV or phone in my room and later on I longed for a computer of my own. We ended up getting one ages after everyone else and it was the family computer in the middle of the living room. I remember AOL being the biggest thing and I loved instant messaging!

Zoom ahead to today and there are even more changes: smart phones, facebook, youtube, twitter, apps, ipads, ipods, e-readers, Netflix, Hulu, Skype…how am I going to monitor all that and make sure my little one is safe and not watching/ doing things they shouldn’t be. It seems like I might have to be super strict at first. I plan to know all of my child’s passwords. I don’t think they should be alone in their room with technology until they’re older, say 16. Is that too tough? Maybe.,,who knows what they’ll have out 16 years from now. Probably those google glass things will be mandated by the government and my hands will be tied. I just hope I set a good example. Technology is a great resource but so is fresh air and interacting with others face to face, in person, in real time. I intend to switch off devices for meal time, and limit time spent using technology. My facebook will be a solid example of how to conduct yourself online. No inappropriate pictures, knowing all the people you’re friends with, keeping posts generic and drama free. I feel like if my 16 year old self read this post, I would think I had totally become my mother, paranoid and strict. I suppose it was inevitable.

No Plan Birthing Plan


You read that right. I’m opting for the no plan plan. Basically I don’t want to pigeon hole myself in to certain things I have to do. I’m leaving all my options open and deciding in the moment what I want to do in that delivery room. Crazy? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

For some women, I’m sure it works great to have every aspect of their impending delivery mapped out, down to a timed playlist. That’s never how I’ve been about anything, and this is no different.

Everyone asks me if I’m doing the epidural. The honest answer is that I don’t know. I’ve never done this sort of thing before. Based on everything I’ve read, seen, heard, I feel like I might be able to get through it without it. At the same time, I can’t predict how painful this is really going to be for me and an epidural might just be what I need. I hear great things about laboring in water. Here’s one area where I might want to write that down in stone if only to have the choice in the moment, except the hospital I’m going to only has a few rooms with nice big labor tubs and they’re first come, first serve. So I don’t want to assume I’m even going to have that option. I think I’d just want my husband in the room with me during the pivotal moment but perhaps I’ll need my mom in there too. I don’t want to officially ban people until I know how I’m handling things. The idea of music playing seems nice so I’ll bring my ipod. Don’t need to write that down on some form. 

I’ve always been a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal, I figure that won’t change too much as I cross over into the mom role. I’m excited, nervous, eager, intrigued, and ready for this amazing experience. My no plan plan is just what I need to feel comfortable and at ease during what I can only imagine to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. Perhaps when I’m onto Jonesy number 2 I’ll have a better understanding of what to expect and what I do or don’t want. But for now, I’m enjoying and embracing the unknown.