The Truth about Cats and Babies

We have two adorable and friendly cats. They sleep with us  every night and get all of our love and attention. Now with the new baby’s arrival approaching the poor kitties will be hummin, “the times they are a-changin'” in no time.

Here’s what I’ve heard about pets and babies:


We need to give our cute kitties the boot from our room. We’ll have the baby sleeping in there for the first month or so and you hear all these scary stories about SIDS and such. So the kitties will be off in some cold corner of the house for awhile 😦 .

baby blanket

I’ve also heard that it’s a good idea to let the cats smell a blanket or something that the baby has used. I definitely want it to be a smooth transition. So we’ll probably give this a shot. I imagine they might just ignore the little one and hide in the beginning.

elmira looney tunes

We need to start rough housing with the cats like a little one might do so they can get used to it and understand that they can’t fight back. We’re lucky that our furry friends never use their claws (which I trim on a regular basis) or bite. That said, we’re very respectful and aware when they’ve had enough of being held or pet. A toddler…not so much.

pet kit

Apparently there’s even a company that makes a kit for this exact situation. It comes with a CD of baby noises to get your pet used to cries and coos. It also has some of the smells they should expect like baby lotion, wash and shampoo and a blanket to use. I think this is a little much for me, but maybe it’s the perfect thing for someone out there. Here’s the link:

The main thing is that we need to get started on some of this right now. Maybe tonight will be the night I get up the guts and kick out the cats. Can you tell they rule the roost?


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