Twitter and Facebook and Youtube…OH MY!

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So now that I’m finishing up the process of bringing a new life into the world it’s got me thinking about parenting in the 21st century. I’ve been reflecting on how much happened when I was growing up and what my parents had to deal with. It leaves me only imagining what is going to come my way. I always felt so deprived growing up because I didn’t have a TV or phone in my room and later on I longed for a computer of my own. We ended up getting one ages after everyone else and it was the family computer in the middle of the living room. I remember AOL being the biggest thing and I loved instant messaging!

Zoom ahead to today and there are even more changes: smart phones, facebook, youtube, twitter, apps, ipads, ipods, e-readers, Netflix, Hulu, Skype…how am I going to monitor all that and make sure my little one is safe and not watching/ doing things they shouldn’t be. It seems like I might have to be super strict at first. I plan to know all of my child’s passwords. I don’t think they should be alone in their room with technology until they’re older, say 16. Is that too tough? Maybe.,,who knows what they’ll have out 16 years from now. Probably those google glass things will be mandated by the government and my hands will be tied. I just hope I set a good example. Technology is a great resource but so is fresh air and interacting with others face to face, in person, in real time. I intend to switch off devices for meal time, and limit time spent using technology. My facebook will be a solid example of how to conduct yourself online. No inappropriate pictures, knowing all the people you’re friends with, keeping posts generic and drama free. I feel like if my 16 year old self read this post, I would think I had totally become my mother, paranoid and strict. I suppose it was inevitable.


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