Nesting with Impatience


At 37 weeks I am ready to do this thing! There was a time a month or so ago when I was nervous, hesitant and a little bit frightened about giving birth. Somehow that’s all gone out the window. I can not wait to start feeling some real pain and to hold my little one in my arms. Since my doctor has given me the go ahead to get back into my regular activities I have not held back. Today I subbed in the morning, vacuumed out the car we are selling, worked on cleaning out the attic, and did the dishes. I’m feeling great and I’m wondering: is this that burst of nesting energy that signals the impending birthday of my wee one? Supposedly it’s a real thing that happens a lot. Though, I’m not sure if it might just be my eagerness to move things forward that’s brought it on. Supply-wise, I am ready for this baby. I realize there are a lot of little projects I wish would be finished before little Jonesy’s arrival but probably aren’t going to get done anytime soon.

I also feel this urge to purge. There are a few big items that we’ve been hanging onto that I think need to go: a giant old desk we found on the side of the road with intention of refinishing, an old box spring, a gaudy headboard, and other odds and ends. It seems everywhere I look, I’m thinking do we really need that. Apparently I’m picturing this baby quickly stocking up on things and furniture that we need to make room for. It hasn’t even entered this world yet and it already has several pieces of solid equipment and tons of clothes, toys and gadgets. I just want to make sure I have a place for everything so I don’t get overwhelmed.

My impatience has also led me on a Google frenzy. I’m constantly searching stuff to see if it means I’m going to deliver soon. Of course, it seems to be this wildly unpredictable event that despite tons of signs you’re ready can leave you waiting beyond your due date or the exact opposite. I’ll take this time learn a lesson about patience which I’m sure I’ll need in this new chapter of my life.


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