In 10 days, I will hit my due date head on. I’m hoping that maybe baby Jones will come even sooner. I am so excited and ready to have my body back! This weekend would be ideal since my husband has Friday and Monday off for the holiday, so we’ll see.

Either way though, this should be a great weekend, Either we’ll have a newborn OR we’ll be up at the lake using our new room in the cottage. My husbands family owns a cottage with 2 bedrooms, which wasn’t so bad when we didn’t have kids on the way. His parents had a room and his sister and her husband had the other. We used the fold out couch when we were all there. Ever since we announced we were adding to our family, construction began on a new room for his parents and we’re getting the one they had. It’ll be nice to have our place for stuff. We spend a lot of our summer up there every year and a room of our own will make it much better! I can’t wait to introduce little Jonesy to the lake, sunshine, boating, etc. He/ she doesn’t know it yet but they’ll be water skiing, kayaking, volleyballing, hiking, swimming, and biking before long. I can’t wait to make good on our promise to stay active even with a new baby. 

We are crazy but in a good way. We plan to take our newborn (most likely just shy of a month old) on a road trip to Florida. My friend is getting married there. We have well spaced friends to stay with along the way and we plan to take our time and not be too concerned about timing. I think if we have that mindset we’ll be all right. If that’s not enough we also plan to take the little tyke TENT camping in the Adirondacks a month later for a whole week. Are we insane? Probably. We’ve done this before and my husband’s family are pro-campers with all the necessary equipment. My biggest concern is distrubing others at night. I figure if the baby gets too loud at night I’ll just hop in the van with him/her and hopefully that won’t bother other campers. 

Maybe this is a bit much. Maybe it’ll be hard. Maybe there will be unforeseen hurdles. But I’d rather do it than regret that we didn’t. I don’t doubt there will be challenges and unforeseen hurdles right in our backyard anyways. 

Here’s a look at some pre-baby fun:


A tandem bicycle tour from our house in New York to Kentucky via Canada! Tented it and everything!


We do everything together, even cliff jumping off the ‘end of the world’ on the Big Island in Hawai’i!



Jones Family Ski

ImageGlad I got this out of my system before becomming a mama #skydiving



Water skiing in our wedding gear!




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