Can we talk about this REAL LIFE MARS REALITY SHOW?!

mars one (this is the prototype for the little space houses on Mars)

Yes, I’m straying from my typical mommy banter for a post. But I heard about this and started looking into thinking it must be some gimmick. Well it looks legit, and wrong and illegal and I can’t wait to watch.

So apparently there are some unnamed billionaires with nothing better to do than make a reality show about sending random people on a one way ticket to Mars. They’re calling it Mars One and they’ve already had over 200,000 applicants and chose there selected few for the journey. Supposedly no one is actually going to space until 2023 but in the meantime they will be training and getting ready. Seems like a long reality show. But the finally is gonna be out of this world (ha)! Even then, I guess they’ll do another round and send more folks. They’re hoping to start a colony. So sci-fi right?

Now, when I first heard about this, I thought what a neat opportunity for someone and I wanna go to Mars. But after reading about it, I realized it ain’t no picnic. In fact you can kiss picnicking goodbye. You’re stuck in a tiny ship for almost a year eating freeze dried muck and you can’t even shower. Then when and IF you get there you’re stuck in another small area with none of the conveniences of earth like grass and air. You better like your comrades a whole lot because their the only humans you’ll be interacting with until they send another group out in ten more years. Oh and you’re supposed to be colonizing with them, and you know what that means!

So on that note, I’m glad I didn’t sign up to go. However, I am eager to see how this plays out. I think it’s going to be like a car crash: tragic and sad but you just can’t look away.

More official info about it here:


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