How Being a Mom Made Me Super Human


Since I had my wee one 4 months ago, I haven’t been kid free for more than 8 hours until this weekend. I went to visit my dearest friend for 2 days and left my little Jonesy with his Daddy. They were going up to the lake to take the docks out and close things down for the winter, so this meant that Grandma and Grandpa would be there too. I knew he was in good hands but I missed him and wondered how he was. I resisted the urge to text and ask for pictures constantly and enjoyed the time with my friend.

And boy did I enjoy it! Everything from the 2 hour car ride to the screams of other peoples children. At first I felt a little guilty. I though, ‘Am I a bad Mom because I’m having a good time without my son?’,  ‘Am I thinking about him enough?’, ‘Is he sad because I’m not there?’. But then I let those thoughts quickly dissipate, turned up the volume on my music and had an awesome dance party in my drivers seat as I made my journey northeast.

Everything seemed so much easier without my little one in tow. Driving, navigating, socializing, and even relaxing were not only possible but carefree and super easy. I saw the road more clearly and heard music like I was front row center at a live concert. I was witty and spot on with my banter as I chit chatted my friend and her family. I sat back and let the hum of the weekend buzz around me and appreciated each small moment. It was as if I was in the matrix and everything suddenly slowed down and I could be in the moment and look at it from all angles. I feel like since I’ve become a Mom, I’ve also become a super version of my old self. I truly felt as if I had adopted super human hearing, strength, smell and eyesight but never realized it until I was on my own for 24 hours. I guess my hard work with my son has enhanced my senses but when I’m trying to do 8 things at once it’s hard to notice. Now that I’m back home with my son tucked in bed and my sweet kitty purring next to me, I feel pretty invincible.


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