Pregnant Belly Touching: DO IT!


Now that I can say, ‘been there, done that’ to being pregnant, I have a revamped opinion of belly touching. DO IT! LET OTHERS DO IT! and GET OVER YOURSELF!

Life is too short to be afraid of what people are going to think or to be afraid of strangers. When I was pregnant, I didn’t mind at all if people wanted to touch my belly. That was me and I totally understood those that wouldn’t want strangers or even friends and family groping their tummies. But now that my belly is empty and I am on the other side of being pregnant, I completely understand the desire to touch someone’s belly. I am not brave enough to ask a stranger at the store yet but I certainly ask my friends and family, in hopes to feel the little munchkin kick. In that instance, it brings back the most amazing thing about being pregnant, feeling this little life form’s first interactions with the outside world. So what if that old lady at the mall wants to touch your baby bump? She probably hasn’t been pregnant for decades and maybe doesn’t know anyone who is and just wants to be a part of the miracle, if only for a second. Or perhaps she was never able to have a child, even more reason to let her in on your wonderful new beginning. But, what if it’s an old, ugly man reaching out for your precious one with crooked, scaly hands? You get to choose the perspective, so make it positive. Perhaps he loves children and enjoyed raising his own years ago and now as he is closing out his time on earth, his own children haven’t, won’t or can’t conceive. The wonderment of being a grandparent, he will never know. Can’t you be a dear and let him be near someone else’s grand baby for just a moment? 

What if you’re the person who just loves the miracle of being pregnant and you want to do the belly rubbing? Well be brave, ask first (I mean, you don’t want to get sued) and hope they’ve read this blog! 

I never felt more interaction with the world at large than when I was pregnant. I had a very obvious pregnant belly that invited people in to ask how I was feeling, offer me a chair, inquire about the gender or whether this was my first baby. I loved that complete strangers felt comfortable enough to interact with me. Most days it seems, we go through the humdrum of life avoiding eye contact, small talk and long lines and we forget that we’re all on this planet together doing basically the same thing: trying to be happy. It seems being pregnant or seeing others who are reminds us of where we all come from. We come together stranger or not, to help out in any way we can. This speaks volumes about us as a species. As a society we have our faults, but I think moments like these show that when it comes down to it, we truly care about life. 


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