How I Stopped Staring a Gift Horse in the Kisser


As I get more settled into my Mom role, I’ve begun crafting some rules for our household and philosophies to live by.

I’m quickly realizing the cold hard truth that we don’t live in a bubble and those that come and go have their own philosophies, rules and experiences to insert, unwittingly into our lives.

I’ve been thinking it’d be pretty nice to keep my son’s toys to a minimum and as non-plastic as I can. Simple enough, I thought. I’ve gotten in my own way with this one, however. I felt the need for an exersaucer because my little guy loves standing but can’t do it on his own yet. It was taking alot of energy to hold him up all day. They don’t exactly make wooden ones, so he has a big chunky plastic one. Oh well, I thought, that’ll be the only thing really. I failed to factor in gifts from other people, like grandparents for example. And things seem to happen so quickly with a baby. I no sooner came to the minimalist, non-plastic toy conclusion when the random, for no reason gifts show up, all shiny and yes, plastic. I can’t exactly ask people to take them right back. And they’re so cute, and he loves them. Also we are so lucky to have his Grandparents help us out with babysitting so I can go back to work part time. I can’t really control what they have over there. So I’ve had to alter our little bubble and accept that we are loved and blessed and stop looking a gift horse in the  mouth! I’ll do my part on my end to provide fewer gifts since he will not be lacking and make my personal material choices for the ones I do purchase. Life lesson: learned! (Tough, first world life lesson, I know)




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