A Successful Trip to the Grocery Store is an Epic Win


Now that I’m a mom, I’ve had to adjust my expectations for what constitutes something to look forward to. Pre-baby, I would be looking forward to Monday night trivia or going out to dinner with friends, maybe catching the latest comedy on the big screen. Post-baby, a trip to Wegmans (if you’re lucky enough to have one, you know how awesome they are!) is the highlight of my week. This past trip was no exception.

We rarely plan too far ahead, so yesterday night my husband and I are deciding how to spend the last few hours of our Sunday before the work week begins. We settle on a trip to the grocery store. We get a mental check list ready of everything we need for baby and the grocery list. We’re all set to go when I realize that I forgot to pump (see past post about exclusive pumping here: http://wp.me/p3pK5R-9l). I’m slightly devastated that our fun, family outing has been pushed out further in the week. But then we decide we can still make it work! Since I knew my little guy wasn’t going to sleep through our trip due to an earlier nap, I figured I try out my ergo baby carrier. Lately he’s been itching to get out of the car seat and I knew he wouldn’t be happy in it in the store. I’ve used the carrier before in the house and for quick walks around the block but never out in a crowded place. It went so smoothly, I could hardly believe it. On our ride home from the store I was basking in the glow of a trip well done.

We ate our dinner in the Wegmans eatery, did our shopping, and got home all in an hour and a half. It didn’t even feel like we were rushing. Baby Jonesy did swell hip side in the carrier just watching all the activity around him. I felt like a super mom, buzzing through the aisles, checking off stuff on the list with my little guy clinging to my side. My husband and I are a great team and work very well together. We just intuitively know how to be of maximum support to one another, especially in a crowded grocery store. The babe just started to get the tiniest bit fussy as we were checking out. I popped him back in his carseat with a pacifier and he slept on the ride home. It all went so well that I didn’t even mind that his diaper leaked and there was a little pee on my shirt. I know if I zoomed out on this moment, it would seem pretty insignificant in my life as a whole, but zooming in allows me to appreciate how truly epic the small things are.

Photo: http://www.yestheyareallours.com/2011/02/all-in-day-grocery-shopping.html


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