The Mall Stinks, Literally!


I had this idea to start walking in the mall with my son in his stroller. We usually hit up the park or go around the block, but when the weather is bad we can get a little stir crazy cooped up in the house all day. So I thought the mall would be perfect. It’ll be cozy and warm and sheltered from rain and snow. Maybe I can even get a little Christmas shopping done and the little dude can be entertained by all the people, sights and sounds. 

Today we put this idea into action since it was rainy and cold. I was very excited because I planned to stop and get a tasty coffee to sip while we strolled. It was a nice calming walk. However, this is one of the first times in my life that I went to the mall without a shopping plan. I had nothing in particular to get and no stores I needed to stop in. This gave me more time to really take in the mall experience and to be honest, it felt a little icky. The glow of the lights and stores is actually a bit harsh. It seemed like all the shops were pulling out all the stops to get you to unload your dollars in their little nook. They tried every trick in the book, from pumping out loud music to filling the air with strong perfumes. I’m not big on perfume to begin with so for me, it was a huge turn off. And now I’ve had my wee one subjected to the noxious fumes too! There were over eager sales people all up in my face along with big ol’ signs about the imminent holidays, amazing deals, and exciting promotions. I felt like I had walked into the pumping heart of commercialism and it was sucking me in. 

That said, I’ll be back. It really is a great alternative to the park when it comes to getting a little exercise in yucky weather. And all the stimulation excited and exhausted my tiny tot. 




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