Ladies Nights Out Are Good for the Soul!

ladies night

Moms: if you get a chance for a ladies night, TAKE IT! Don’t have any friends? Go with relatives, co-workers or something but get girly and go out! It can do wonders for the soul!

I was lucky enough to have one recently and it was a blast. We decided to try this new place that opened up in town called Uncorked Creations. You go with some friends, a bottle of wine and some snacks and they teach how to paint an awesome picture! I hear these kinds of things are popping up all over, maybe you’ve got something similar in your town? If not, you should definitely open one! I had seen the Facebook page for the place full of photos of people and their masterpieces and they all looked great. They insist you don’t need to have any experience and I was wondering what the secret was. Turns out they draw the picture on lightly with pencil and then tell you what colors to put where. I’m glad they did, because after a glass or two of wine, I think my painting might not have turned out so hot. The instructor was very cool. She is due to have her own little guy in just a few months, so we ended up chatting about mommy hood and all that.

It was so nice to unwind, be creative and chat with the ladies. It felt good to dress up and get out of the house as well. Getting out of the house was a key element in the evenings success. I originally wasn’t sure what time my husband would be home and as an alternative my friend and I decided to go out and buy the necessary supplies to have our own wine and painting party after I put my son down for the night. I’m so glad my hubby got home in time, it wouldn’t have been the same. We would have had to be quiet and not really make too much noise. And I’d still be on mom duty if he woke up for any reason.

After a long week with the hubs staying late for work and meetings and whatnot, the time out was just what I needed. Getting back into the routine the next morning was a welcomed pleasure instead of a monotonous job. I’m hoping to be able to have these nights out every once in awhile. I mean, it’s basically Doctor’s orders!




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