Mom Moments in the 21st Century


Sometimes I’ll be smack dab in the middle of a classic mom moment and it’s as if I have an out of body experience and I’m looking at myself thinking “How much more “Mom” can I get?”. I had one just tonight and it was so 21st century!

My evenings go by so quickly these days. My husband comes home and it’s a whirlwind of dinner making, pumping, entertaining baby and then BAM it’s bedtime for him. Tonight was exceptionally busy. I had an online interview for a teaching position with an online education company. I had no idea how long it would take and I should have asked first because it went on for an hour and a half. My husband was watching the little tyke downstairs while I interviewed upstairs but he had to go play in his regular Tuesday night hockey game after about an hour in. Fortunately the interviewer allowed me to continue with my tot by my side. So there I am, headphones on, trying to impress this lady with my teaching knowledge and at the same time, I’m wiggling a toy to entertain my little guy. And I think to myself, “I am uber Mom right now”! My baby did fabulous. It was a group interview so there was down time and he was out of the screen shot. He played next to me and was very quiet. I was very surprised since he’s usually fairly fussy just before bed time. We’ll see if I got the job. Hopefully they didn’t hold it against me too much.


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