Making Good on Our Promise to Stay Active Post Baby


From road trips to Florida to our recent cross country skiing adventure we are doing our best to stay active. It’s certainly harder now that we have to bundle up and pack for the little guy, but it’s not impossible. Today we decided to take the little man out for a ride in his fancy red hiking carrier. My husband has been itching to take him out in it since he scanned it for our registry! The day has finally arrived. We got him an adorable bear snow suit and tested out the carrier the night before. He seemed to be alright with the idea. 

We’re lucky that my husband’s sister has a place with a nice open area in the back for cross country skiing. She enjoys skiing herself and had already laid down some nice tracks we could follow. We ended up taking him out in the dark because we had to wait for our guy to wake up from his nap. Even with all the prep work (packing the car with ski’s, getting into our ski gear, getting his bottle ready, etc) done before he got up we still didn’t manage to get out there until 5ish and it was pretty dark by then. 

He did great! Despite waking up and being whisked away into the cold, dark night he rode along like a champ. We just took him out for a quick 10 minute run since it was his first time and we wanted to make sure he was cool with it. We’re blessed with a fairly even tempered child and he’s happy in most situations. That isn’t to say he doesn’t have grumpy times but he does well with change. I think the week long road trip to Florida when he was 3 weeks established a good sense of adaptation to his temperament. 

So the packing up and getting ready took longer than the actual activity. It was cold. It was dark. Was it worth it? Absolutely! We know now that he can handle a ride in the carrier when we’re skiing. Maybe next time with some light and a few extra family members we can go twice as long. Sure, things take longer and can at times be frustrating (for example, when you have him all bundled up, the car packed and heating up and then he does a massive poop!) but staying active and being true to our lifestyle is where it’s at! 


One thought on “Making Good on Our Promise to Stay Active Post Baby

  1. Wow! That was tough but looks very contented and happy! Skiing with your baby is really a nice bonding. What a great family hiking!

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