Not All Microwaves are Created Equal

It’s true. As we travel to different family members homes this season, that is one lesson I’ve learned! At home, I have warming my sons bottle down to a science. When I’m at someone else’s house my carefully executed method doesn’t hold up. It takes longer and I find I’m fiddling with the microwave for most of it. Not only are they all different as far as size, model and year but a minute on one can be equivalent to 10 seconds on another! 


Anyway, this post isn’t all about microwaves. Traveling around with a little one really forces you to LIVE in someone else’s home. I’d never used someone’s microwave before or in some cases, been in there spare rooms or kids rooms or even there own rooms until now. Needing a quiet place to put my son down for a nap grants me access to the innermost living quarters of others. It’s neat in a way to see how these people that we see so rarely throughout the year live and keep the part of their house that’s not on display. It makes me feel closer to them. That in addition to the glow and buzz of the holidays makes for a cozy good time! Enjoy your time with family and friends. Maybe, try to see them more often this year.


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