Try My Balls :)


I’m going to one of those paint a picture while you drink wine parties, yay! And I’m supposed to bring something to eat. So I whipped up this tasty dessert with stuff I had around the house. It’s pretty fantastic and simple. So simple in fact, that I made them while the kiddo napped! Of course, my main ingredient was biscoff spread (google it, it’ll change your life) so I don’t see how it could go wrong. I call it: Coco Oat Biscoff Balls. 

Coco Oat Biscoff Balls

So in the title are all of the ingredients, pretty much.

1/2 a jar of Biscoff Spread

1/2 of a bag of Coconut Shavings

1 and 1/2 cups of Oats

1/2 cup of flour

Simply mix all of the ingredients except the flour together in a bowl. Put flour on your hands and Use a spoon to shape the mix into balls. The flour helps the balls not to stick to you. Roll the finished ball into some extra coconut shavings for a prettier look. Store in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm them up and devour. Feeling fancy? Toast the coconut, add peanut butter, coat the balls in chocolate. There are lots of ways to be creative!



10+ Things I Hate About Social Media


I hate the way you share untruths in cute fonts and funny memes

And when you hashtag 564 times in a row.

I hate the way you share every little boring detail it seems.

And all your drama, who cares if she’s a hoe?

I hate it when you’re fake and full of fluff

And the way you post rants that are so preachy

I hate the way it feels when you don’t like my stuff

And all of your food pics with “fancy” lychee!

I hate that you’re craftier, mommier and happier

And when you sometimes make me insta-sob.

I feel bad when you’re crappier

Or even worse when you didn’t tweet me about that flash mob.

I hate the way you tag me at the mall

Or when I hit refresh and there’s no updates.

But mostly

I hate the way

I don’t hate you

not even in the slightest

not even a drop

not even at all








I Want an Earthship!

I’m friends with the band Cake (on facebook ;). They always post these interesting articles about politics or the environment. Today I just read an article they posted about Earthships and I’m hooked. They look pretty fantastic, they’re cheap, and COMPLETELY sustainable. 

You can check out the article here:


Basically these mud, adobe looking dwellings are simply built out of used tires, dirt, empty soda bottles and other recycled materials. They definitely look sci-fi and futuristic but also earthy and hobbit like. The website sure makes it sound easy and afforable to make your own. They even tell you that once you’ve got your earthship up and running you won’t be paying any bills and might not have to worry about money the same way so you can focus on really living. Another huge perk. They have a lovely graphic in the article that shows how rain water is used through out the house for all of your needs and your indoor greenhouses needs. Reading about how awesome they are makes me want to build one for everyone in my family. And then go out and travel the world building them for people in need. A new calling? Maybe…

What’s really wonderful is that these homes can be built anywhere and they say anyone can do it. A cheapo basic model is about 7 grand and the higher end models run about 70 grand. Well considering my non sustainable, 113 year old, boxy homestead is definitely more than 70 grand, it looks like we can afford it. Now how do I convince my husband to build us a home out of used tires, dirt, and soda bottles…? 

Here are some more pics inside and out of my new dream home (courtesy of wikipedia):





To My Fellow Blogger


Ahhh, it’s so nice to just type away virtually worry free. My dishes are done, I don’t have to work in the morning, and my family is safe and napping soundly. I decided to ride this high with a post about YOU!

Lately, I’ve been reading all the lovely posts that have been showing up in my ‘reader’ a lot more than usual ever since I started this facebook diet (see previous post). It feels like I am part of a diverse, intelligent, and witty community. And each day, I log on and catch up on your hilarious holiday happenings, creative mommy tips, insightful political rants, etc. I’ve had my blog for awhile now, and I’m really getting used to your writing styles and learning about who you are as people (in some cases).

Some of you are very brave, sharing personal struggles and inner thoughts. It’s very impressive. Its gotta take a lot of courage, so thank you. I try to keep my personal details and pictures pretty private. But I’m realizing as a reader how much more captivating a personal blog is. It’s also clear how much better a blog is that shares the nitty gritty and not just how nice and wonderful everything is all the time. So to those of you that cleverly share your imperfections, thank you. It can be a valuable eye opener or a wonderful sense of understanding. None of us are perfect and on the web it’s so easy to pretend that you are. Thank you to those who rise to the challenge of being real in an often fake world of editing and Photoshop. Some of you are down right funny. I like to think that I’m pretty funny but some of your posts are written in such a way that I can’t help but laugh out loud. Thank you for the laughs, they are much needed. I am continuously inspired by your excellent writing skills. You motivate me to work hard and re work some of my posts for maximum reader enjoyment. Thank you for the organized, demonstrative posts. Wow, are some of y’all popular! I get excited if a post of mine gets any likes. And if I get a comment, I feel like a celebrity. But some of you get 100 likes minutes after you post. You must be on top of the world and rightfully so. Keep on pleasing the masses!

I look forward to your poignant, personal, plucky posts (alliteration always amazes, amirite?)