Try My Balls :)


I’m going to one of those paint a picture while you drink wine parties, yay! And I’m supposed to bring something to eat. So I whipped up this tasty dessert with stuff I had around the house. It’s pretty fantastic and simple. So simple in fact, that I made them while the kiddo napped! Of course, my main ingredient was biscoff spread (google it, it’ll change your life) so I don’t see how it could go wrong. I call it: Coco Oat Biscoff Balls. 

Coco Oat Biscoff Balls

So in the title are all of the ingredients, pretty much.

1/2 a jar of Biscoff Spread

1/2 of a bag of Coconut Shavings

1 and 1/2 cups of Oats

1/2 cup of flour

Simply mix all of the ingredients except the flour together in a bowl. Put flour on your hands and Use a spoon to shape the mix into balls. The flour helps the balls not to stick to you. Roll the finished ball into some extra coconut shavings for a prettier look. Store in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm them up and devour. Feeling fancy? Toast the coconut, add peanut butter, coat the balls in chocolate. There are lots of ways to be creative!



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