Hey Teachers: This post is for YOU!

Being a mom, a substitute teacher looking for a full time position, and a part time waitress, you’d think I’d be busy enough! But, I decided to take on a tutoring gig online. I’m currently “waiting” for a student who is now a no show and figured I’d share with my colleagues about this neat, legitimate work from home company (don’t worry, you still get paid even if students don’t show up).

It’s called educate online. Go ahead and google it. See? It’s official looking.

Here’s what makes it legit: It’s not too good to be true. The pay is a mere 11.50 an hour. When you have a master’s degree that can seem fairly low. However, there is no lesson planning, and of course you work at home, in your jammies, around your schedule. For me, it’s not so much about making lots of money as it is about being able to continue working in my field. I get to hone those teacher skills. And being completely online, you really learn fast about clear verbal communication, since you have no visual cues.

There’s no video at all. At first, I thought it was going to be impossible. But they have it all figured out. There’s a nice classroom environment, similar to a smart board where you can write, draw and read the lesson articles or problems. You and the student can interact with it at the same time or not if you don’t want them to.

You have to be certified to teach in your state and they prefer a master’s degree. Often those too good to be true “jobs” don’t have any requirements since they prefer to scam everyone equally, ha.

This can’t be a full time job. You can only work a maximum of about 26 hours a week. And you have to be available for a minimum of 10.

You don’t pay anything. Zero. Zip. As well you shouldn’t if you are an employee. They even give you the headset you need and pay for your training, again a simple 10 an hour.

The really good stuff?

It’s just as rewarding as regular, face-to-face teaching. You can really get a feel for a student by their voice. You can hear their enthusiasm and their confidence. You can give stickers on their correct responses or as a motivation tool and they love it. They’re often in a school setting, like a computer lab with a teacher present, so you don’t really have to worry too much about behavior issues. That’s not to say there are none. Sometimes working with the younger students (I’ve worked with kids as young as 7) can be a real test in how engaging and motivating you can be.

There seems to be many levels for growth within the company. I’ve just started out and above me there’s the lead instructor (my go to person with any questions/ my evaluator), learning coaches that motivate students, scheduling coordinators and curriculum developers.

In an all online company, there’s a real sense of community and support among the employees. You can tell the lead instructors and other teachers really enjoy what they do and want everyone to be successful. There’s a weekly newsletter that highlights outstanding instructors and even cites anecdotal evidence! The mandatory (and yes paid) monthly, hour-long meetings are very helpful and make you feel good about working for the company.

I just hope I can maintain these 10 hours, because it’s a lot more fun than waiting tables. If only the pay were at all comparable…


One thought on “Hey Teachers: This post is for YOU!

  1. Valerie says:

    That’s really awesome! Gotta love working from home. 🙂

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