That time I met my Husband on an Internet Dating Site…


I was the one to first ‘woo’ him on a little known site called okcupid. I could tell from his profile that he was pretty great and couldn’t wait to meet him. But of course, I played it cool (I think?). We chatted a couple of times, and just being silly, I asked when he was going to come to New York to visit me. He lived in a small city upstate, Binghamton, about three and half hours away, so it seemed like a long shot. He surprised me and said that he was actually visiting the next weekend with a couple of friends. They’d never been to the big city and he was coming along to show them around. We hadn’t even exchanged numbers yet, so I shied away from discussing details about a meet up. He continued to message me, providing his cell in case we could get in touch while he was there. Well, after a few drinks at a party, I got up the courage to text him during his visit. The problem was, it was about 2 in the morning (we were so young and crazy back then!) and the trains were all sorts of slow. He finally hopped in a cab and met me on the corner of 33rd and 3rd ave. I know what you’re thinking but, it was brightly lit and very safe and my friends were still at the party just around the corner! When we met face to face, I gave him a vigorous handshake and suggested we have a drink in a bar nearby (The Hook and Ladder, sadly now closed). I ordered a bass (apparently it impressed him that I was into quality beer). We chatted the night away amid flying sparks. We hung out the next day and I met his friends. After the weekend was over and they left the city, I was sure he was the one, (of course still playing it cool, I didn’t share that until an appropriate year or so later). There was one hitch in this “perfect” match. I was VERY close to buying a one-way ticket to Spain where I had an au-pair job waiting for me. I was really in a pickle. I had JUST met the man of my dreams. But it was so early on in our relationship (like a few weeks) that I was sure if I moved away to a foreign country with no idea when or if I’d ever come back it probably wasn’t going to work out. I went with my heart and stuck around in the states. Good thing I did. We continued dating, making the trips back and forth. Two and a half years later we were engaged on Christmas day. Two years after that we got married on a beach in Hawai’i. We own a house upstate and just had our son 9 months ago. It has been a thrilling 7 years since I joined okcupid and met my dream guy, my tandem bicycle captain, my sky diving buddy, my water skiing partner, my other half. A big thank you to Okcupid, couldn’t have been possible without ya! Can’t wait to see what the future holds. And if you read my past blogs then you know, we just booked our tickets to Spain for a FAMILY trip this summer!


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