First Birthday on a Budget

My little man will be turning ONE June 2nd and I’ve already begun thinking about his first birthday party. In my pinterest and general internet searches, it seems these type of parties can be as extravagant and expensive as a wedding practically. With our travel filled summer, my first birthday party budget is quite slim. So I thought I’d share some unique, budget-friendly, kid party ideas I’ve come across.

Adorable Thank You notes – A lovely, simple handprint. I’m thinking we’ll spend a day outside, shirtless and get these done in one go. I can hose him off when we’re done and I he’ll have tons of fun doing it (or maybe just the first few…we’ll see).



Felt Crown – I can just picture my little tot wearing this. If I miraculously find more time, I can fashion some for the other tiny guests too! I’m sticking to primary colors and these will look great!


Photo Banner – This cute, easy to assemble banner serves two functions: adorable party decor AND a look at the past year in baby monthly photos that guests will definitely want to see. Doing it! I’m thinking I’ll use clothespins. I can write the month on their and color the clothespins to match my theme.



Water Balloon Ice – Clever, cute, and it’ll work with any color theme. It’ll be the perfect thing for his outdoor summer party.


Cupcake Liner Garland – This looks like a fun project. I can get some simple, plain, brightly colored liners for the party. I like the idea of using various sizes too!



Hopefully I will be able to write a follow up post with my own versions of these this summer! 🙂





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