4 Ways to Make Playtime More Fun (For Grownups!)

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It’s my one year anniversary with WordPress! To celebrate, I want to share some ways to make playtime fun for grown ups. Lately I’ve gotten into a rut with playtime. It seems we play with the same toys, read the same books, and do the same things over and over. He’s totally fine with it at almost 11 months old. But me at 28? I’m more than bored! So here are some things I’ve done to spice up playtime:

1) Busta (Nursery) Rhyme – Yup, you read that right! Try pumping up the jam with Jack and Jill. Instead of the boring cadence you usually use, try reading it extra quick and with extra vigor! Get silly, get Ludacris! Your little one will love your style and it’ll breath new life into those worn out rhymes. Also, jazz up those kids books with different accents.

2) Dance party – Turn up your favorite music. It’s never to early to introduce your tot to your tunes, but maybe skip the hard stuff. You can both enjoy it and get some exercise by grooving around the room. This is great for all ages. You can carry or wear your tiny tot while dancing or have your toddlers stand on your feet.

3) Get Dramatic – Whether your babe can talk or babble or just stare wide eyed, when you’re trying to entertain, do it to the max. Gather up those millions of stuffed animals and act out the latest episode of Downton Abby, teddy bear edition. Or whatever your favorite show is, they’ll love to see you so into it and you’ll get a kick out of reliving or adapting your latest tv show addiction.

4) Take Selfies – pretty ‘self’ explanatory. Have fun hamming it up, use some nifty filters, post online or text to your friends and family.

And of course, like everyone says, enjoy each moment no matter how boring it might seem at the time. It’s true that time flies, and soon enough you’ll be longing for a few more ‘boring’ seconds with your little baby.



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Get Togethers, Playdates, and Mommy Groups….OH MY!

Mommy groups seem so cliche and snobby to me. I imagined them full of self-centered women who only get together to measure up their child against another. To boast about how smart their kid is or tout the latest developmental milestone their child smoothly reached. Not TOO early and definitely NOT too late. So why then, did I willing go?

Mainly, I wanted some company. Another adult or two to chat with while doing the mom game. So I was thrilled when my little man and I ran into this sweet British lady and her two adorable boys, the youngest a mere month behind mine, at the little play area in the mall. We got chatting about things and it turns out she’s a stay at homer, with lofty ideals of teaching in our over saturated teaching market just like me! SHE asked if I wanted to be on her mommy group email list. I felt like I had just won an oscar. Me? Me with my sloppy t-shirt and jeans? Me tromping around on my knees behind my – not quite walking yet – 9 month old? “Of course!” I said, trying to rein in my enthusiasm, didn’t want to seem too eager. She said they don’t get together that often and there’s only a few of them, but I was already worlds away imagining us moms sipping on lemonade under a sunshade while our wee ones played together like the best of friends.

About two weeks later, I get the long awaited email invite to get together at her house. I waited a day to respond, again didn’t want to come off to strong, and agreed to attend offering to bring some muffins or coffee. Her house was VERY nice. I immediately realize I cannot host one of these at my little shack down in the ‘city’ . We hang out in her finished basement full of awesome toys that keep my guy entranced. The other mom that comes brings her two boys of similar ages as well. My little one can’t get enough of all the action. He just absorbs what the older boys are doing. Us moms chat it up, learning about each other. Turns out the other mom is a part time doctor and her husband? A surgeon. Yeah…definitely not gonna host at my place. I mean, I don’t have toys for the bigger kids, yeah that’s it!  haha. Despite the income gap, we had a swell time. They were very friendly and down to earth ladies. We had a lot in common as moms and it was nice to bounce experiences off of each other. I was glad to hear that we’ll try to get together again. This time at the park when the weathers nice. The park will be an excellent neutral ground. The ladies mentioned a bigger, more organized mom group they’re a part of. It sounded waay to intense for me. There are monthly meetings. Enough said. So my mom group experience wasn’t exactly like I’d imagined and I think that’s a good thing.