Biting Off More Than We Can Chew…as usual

summer beachyAhh summer! So glad to be basking in the glow of it. I’ve been impatient for it’s arrival and now that it’s here, it feels like it is slipping away fast.

So as the title implies, it looks like we may have taken on more projects and trips and jobs than our little family can handle. Let me explain. It’s been awhile, a looong while since I’ve posted, so a little background here. My husband and I work in local schools, he’s a real full time teacher and I’m a subbing wannabe. This means our summers are open, sorta. So we decided to pack it full of fun stuff and projects.

In order to pay for the fun stuff and projects, it turns out we needed to look for some more funds. I took on a few shifts at a restaurant I used to work for and my hubby picked up a summer school gig for the first time. So in addition to summer school and restaurant hours we also decided this would be a good summer to paint the house. Gah!! What were we thinking?! Now granted, our house has a mostly fake stone siding so it’s much quicker than a typical house, but there’s so much scraping to be done. So our summer so far has consisted of summer school, waiting tables, planning a trip to Spain and a camping trip, catching a few weekends at the family cottage by the lake, and a couple of dips in the pool.

It’s only TWO measly little weeks until we head out to the mountains for our camping trip and literally a day after we fly out to Espana! Did I mention we have a one year old? AND he’s coming with us! Just typing this all out, I feel a little insane. But, there’s never a dull moment at the Jones’ house. Now we just need to readjust our expectations about when our house will actually be finished. You see as soon as we get back from Spain, the hubs starts his cross country coaching season and I basically don’t see him until November. So maybe we’ll have the house done by 2015!


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